What is Heartwork?

HEARTWORK is a 30 day discipleship program designed to teach junior high and high school students the joy of spending themselves for others. We equip church youth groups, christian schools and campus clubs with content and coaching to shift students' trajectories from self-focus to joyful generosity.

The Biblical mandate is clear that serving the poor and knowing God are interconnected. Heartwork resources student groups to learn about that truth in an immersive way, and to practice it by funding a project of their choice, in their community or around the world.


30 days of heartwork

You're spending yourself constantly... Your money, your time and your energy. This 30 day immersive discipleship experience will challenge your students to spend themselves the way God calls us to as believers. 

Through true STORIES, honest QUESTIONS, inspiring VIDEOS and daily EMPATHY CHALLENGES your group will grow in compassion and in knowledge of worldwide poverty issues. Most importantly, you will become more like our God, who spent Himself for us.


'Spend Yourselves' Project

The 'Spend Yourselves' Project is the work students participate in during their 30 Days of Heartwork. Together with their group, students are raising funds for a development project, in their community or around the world. Students skip out on their extras, often become entrepreneurs, and grow through the practice of sacrificial giving. This is the WORK of Heartwork.


additional resources

We provide loads of resources starting at $150 per group (based on size of group). We want you to be able to access this message without financial burden. Incredible Heartwork Champions offer their resources, subsidizing the cost, to ensure that the Heartwork content is affordable for you. 

It doesn't get simpler than that. Join the journey!


To learn more about Heartwork click here: www.heartwork.tv